Apollo Life 100% Natural Amla Juice 1ltr

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  • Amla is high antioxidant levels and is great for detoxing your entire body.
  • Regular consumption can prevent heart problems.
  • 100% pure Amla juice.
  • It is free from artificial colors and artificial flavors.
Save ₹36.00
15% OFF

Apollo Life Amla juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential elements. Amla juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C in nature. Enriched with the goodness of Amla, this product has antioxidant properties which protect the body from bacteria and improves the immune system. It also aids in maintaining the weight by purifying blood and flushing out the waste toxins from the body. Amla Juice is a rejuvenating tonic for hair, eyes, brain, and skin. It is safe for regular use and doesnt produce any side effect.
It helps in maintaining weight and cholesterol level.
Treats acne, pimples and other skin problems.
Amla juice helps to prevent hair problems like hair fall, greying hair.
Helps to improve immunity and aids in digestion by balancing the acidity in the stomach.
Take half a glass of water.
Mix with Apollo Pharmacy Amla Juice.
Stir well and drink.

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