Apollo Pharmacy Blood Glucose Monitoring System APG01
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  • No coding required.
  • Easy and accurate testing.
  • Data memory with date and time.
  • Large LCD display for better visibility.
  • It is virtually pain free.
  • It gives instant result in 5 seconds.
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Apollo Pharmacy Blood Glucose Monitoring System APG01

Apollo Pharmacy Blood Monitoring System monitors your blood glucose levels. Testing blood glucose frequently can help keep your diabetes under control. It is suitable for both professional and self testing. The monitoring system has a large display giving you a clear view of your result on the screen. The device gives you result in 5 seconds.


  • Test range: 20-600 mg/dl.
  • Sample size: 0.5 micro litres.
  • Test time: 5 seconds.
  • Memory: 300 test results with date and time.
  • Warranty: Life time.
  • Model No.:APG01.


  1. Wash and dry your hands using warm water may help the blood flow.
  2. After washing your hands, insert a test strip into the meter.
  3. Use the lancing device on the side of your fingertip to get a drop of blood.
  4. Touch and hold the edge of the test strip to the drop of blood, and wait for the result.
  5. Your blood glucose level will appear on the meter's display.
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