AXE Gold Temptatation Deodorant Bodyspray 150 ml

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Be smooth. Be sleek. Be the man of every woman’s desire. A man who enchants everyone with his style and sophistication. A man who is always fresh and irresistible. A man whose persona brings out his sweet, fun and tender nature, while he steals the show with his self-confident and mature side. With Axe Gold Temptation you are sure to tempt them all with a fragrance that’s as smooth as gold. Discover irresistibility with the new Axe Gold Temptation Deodorant Bodyspray. The tempting gold fragrance and the suave mix of exotic spices and citrusy notes open new avenues of freshness and confidence! Get used to emananting the best fragrance there is, a dark, gold one! We pride ourselves as the creators of irresistible fragrances. Fragrances that not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. This range of deodorants provide longer lasting protection that goes on from party, to after party, to after the after party.Buy the new Axe Gold Temptation Deodorant Bodyspray, right away!""
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