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Manufacturer: AST-ASTRA ZENECA
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Manufacturer : AST-ASTRA ZENECA
Composition : DINOPROSTONE-0.5MG
Dose Form : GEL
Route Of Administration : TOPICAL
Pack : 1

Manufacturer: AST-ASTRA ZENECA

Drug Ingredient Information



Information for patients
Drug Information Dinoprostone contain the prostaglandin dinoprostone and are used to “induce” labour. This means that the medicine will help your uterus (womb) to start contracting and you will go into labour. Dinoprostone is similar to the natural ‘’, type of prostaglandins which are made in your body when labour starts. It will only be given to you in a hospital or clinic which has an obstetric and maternity unit.
Drug Alert
Alert •If you have had an allergic reaction (e.g. wheezing, breathlessness, swelling of the hands, face, itchy rash or redness of the skin) to dinoprostone or any other prostaglandin or any of the other ingredients in the tablets. •If you have heart, lung, kidney or liver disease Most women can be treated with Dinoprostone.Some women may need extra checks during treatment and for some women a different treatment may be better.Your doctor or midwife will ask you questions before giving you Dinoprostone to make sure they are safe for you
Before Consuming the Medicine
Avoid Drug •you have had a Caesarean section or any major surgery to your womb. •the size of your baby’s head means there may be a problem with the delivery. •there has been or there is suspected fetal distress (your baby is short of oxygen). •you had a difficult labour or traumatic delivery in a previous pregnancy. •you have already had six or more full-term pregnancies. •your waters have broken. •you have an infection of your womb, ovaries or tubes (pelvic inflammatory disease) unless you are receiving treatment for these, or if you have ever had such an infection in the past. •you have been told that you have or might have placenta praevia (where the placenta lies across the entrance to the womb, rather than being high up and out of the way during birth). This causes bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy and may require that your baby is delivered by Caesarean section. •during your pregnancy you have had bleeding from the vagina and the cause of the bleeding is not known. •your baby is not lying with his or her head down.
Drug Special Care •heart, lung, kidney or liver disease. •glaucoma (raised pressure in the eye) •epilepsy •suffered from asthma •hypertension (high blood pressure) at any time, including during this or any previous pregnancy •been told you had abnormally strong contractions of your womb during a previous labour •scarring of your womb from a previous operation •Are you 35 years or older? •Is your pregnancy over 40 weeks? •Do you have any complications related to this pregnancy? Your doctor or midwife will ask you questions before giving you Dinoprostone to make sure they are safe for you
Drug Drug Interactions Dinoprostone can make you more sensitive to another medicine called oxytocin which is used to strengthen contractions.Medical staff will normally try not to use this medicine at the same time as Dinoprostone .If you need this medicine, your doctor or midwife will make sure they are not given to you close together and will watch over the contractions very carefully.Please tell your doctor if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription
Drug Pregnancy Interaction Dinoprostone will only be given to you in the late stages of pregnancy to induce labour.Although prostaglandins are present in breast milk they will not harm your baby and you may breast-feed as normal after delivery
Drug Breast feeding Interaction Dinoprostone will only be given to you in the late stages of pregnancy to induce labour.Although prostaglandins are present in breast milk they will not harm your baby and you may breast-feed as normal after delivery
Drug Machinery Interaction No effect on your ability to drive or use machinery is expected after being given Dinoprostone
Drug More Information
How to take the Medicine
Consumption Info
Drug quanitty
Drug Dose The first dose is one tablet placed high up in the vagina. If you have not had any contractions after 6 hours, a second tablet may be used. You should not be given any more tablets for 24 hours.Your doctor or midwife will do internal checks to make sure that your cervix is opening enough. They will also check your contractions (to make sure that they are not too strong) and your baby (to make sure he or she does not get distressed). Your doctor or midwife should be keeping a very close eye on you during your treatment. They should be able to act quickly if you have side-effects or if your womb reacts too strongly to the dose you are given.
Excess Drug Consumption
Forgot Drug Consumption
Stop Drug Consumption
Possible Side Effects
General Information •sudden blockage of a blood vessel with amniotic fluid (the fluid which surrounds the baby) or by a blood clots in the lungs.This could cause chest pain and shortness of breath. •placenta becoming detached •stillbirth or death of the newborn baby •abnormally strong, frequent or long contractions of the womb, slowing or quickening of the baby’s heart rate and distress in the baby •itching, soreness, rash or feeling of warmth of the vaginal area •high blood pressure in the mother •very quick opening of the cervix •running a high temperature •backache •rash •baby born with an Apgar score lower than seven. (The Apgar score, which is measured on a scale of one to ten, is used to describe the baby’s condition at birth. A low Apgar Score means that the baby’s heart or lungs are not workingproperly.)
Common Drug Side Effects •are aged 35 and above •whose pregnancies are more than 40 weeks and •who have pregnancy-related complications.
Rare Drug Side Effects •vomiting (being sick), •nausea (feeling sick) •diarrhoea. •tearing or bursting of the wall of your womb (uterine rupture) •heart attack •allergic / anaphylactic reactions, including anaphylactic shock (serious allergic reactions which can include skin rash, itching, wheezing, shortness of breath,swollen face, lips, hands, fingers, neck and throat, sudden drop in blood pressure, abdominal pain and collapse ).
Very Rare Drug Side Effects
Drug Side Effects Symptoms Studies have shown proliferation (thickening) of bone in new-born infants who have been treated with prostaglandins for a long time. There is no evidence that this occurs following short-term treatment with Dinoprostone . A higher risk of a generalised bleeding disorder following delivery (post-partum disseminated intravascular coagulation-DIC) has been described in women who
How to Store the Medicine
How to Store the Medicine The medicine will be kept out of the reach and sight of children.Dinoprostone will not be given to you after the expiry date which is stated on the blister packs.The expiry date refers to the last day of that monthYour hospital pharmacist will store this medicine in a refrigerator at 2 to 8 °C

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Manufacturer: AST-ASTRA ZENECA
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