Cofsils Ginger
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  • Antiseptic used in the treatment of infections of the mouth and throat such as throat infection, throat discomfort
  • Helps to cure mouth infection and other related problems
  • Used as a mild antiseptic
  • Able to kill bacteria and viruses associated with mouth and throat infections
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Cofsils Ginger

Cofsil Ginger Mouth+Throat Lozenges is used for Infections of mouth and throat, Sore throat, Inflammation of the pharynx, Blocked nose and other conditions. Cofsil Ginger Mouth+Throat Lozenges contains Amylmeta Cresol and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol as active ingredients. Cofsil Ginger Mouth+Throat Lozenges works by killing the bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections; opening the blocked nose.

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