Colgate Total 12 Tooth Paste 150G

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  • Get 12 Hours Whole Mouth Protection against bacteria build up.
  • Remove Surface Stains from Teeth.
  • Reduce Tooth Sensitivity.
  • Fight Bad Breath.
  • Promote Gum Care.

Colgate Total 12 Tooth Paste is an Anti-cavity and Anti-gingivitis toothpaste, which protects you against 12 oral problems for 12 hours. The toothpaste comes with a unique formula that bonds with teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums and provides 12 hour protection for 100% of the surfaces of the mouth.

Colgate Total 12 Tooth Paste helps fight cavities, plaque, gingivitis, tartar, staining and bad breath to take better care of your whole mouth. The energizing minty flavor of this toothpaste keeps the breath fresh for hours.

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