Dew Derm Soap 100Gm

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Dewderm Soap is a 100-gm soap bar which is a very effective skin moisturizer. It is especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin.Key Ingredientsβ€’ Contains Vitamin E.β€’ Glycerineβ€’ Jojoba Oilβ€’ MoisturizerKey Benefitsβ€’ Dewderm Soap contains anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent.β€’ Solves the problem of skin dryness.β€’ Jojoba Oil is present in Dewderm Soap and it helps in skin hydration providing adequate moisture to the skin.β€’ Balances Oil production and improves skin texture.Usageβ€’ Use the soap on wet body.β€’ Massage gently all over the body and lather.β€’ Leave the soap on body for about 1 minute.β€’ Rinse and towel.
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