Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 Nutritional Milk Powder Chocolate 400 Grams

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  • Enfagrow A+ contains DHA and macro/micro nutrients.
  • Provides vital nutrients which include Vitamin B12, Choline, Zinc, Iron and Iodine for physical and mental development of the child.
  • Chocolate flavoured and is suitable for Stage 4 nutrition for children.
  • Net Quantity: 400 grams

Enfagrow A+ is formulated to complement your childs physical and mental development stage. Your toddler will develop crucial cognitive skills at the age of 2 which is important for an overall physical development.

You will require a balanced supply of nutrients for accelerating the growth at this stage. This is exactly what Enfagrow does.


It will help your child stay active and contains essential macro and micro nutrients. You might come across fussy eaters which might lead to vitamin nutrition deficiencies.

Enfagrow A+ is therefore here to make sure that your toddler gets the highest quality nutrition to stay healthy.

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