Fair & Handsome Fairness Cream 15 Gm

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Manufacturer: EMAMI LIMITED
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  • Specially formulated to provide intense moisturization for tough male skin
  • 5 action fairness system that includes sweat absorption, oil control, sun protection, dark spot reduction and long-lasting fairness
  • Leaves skin brighter and nourished without oiliness
  • Fairness cream for men.
Manufacturer: EMAMI LIMITED

Fair Handsome fairness cream is specially designed for men with the combination of combinations of Natural Vitamins, Anti-Irritants, Sunscreen filters that protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It has vitamin B3, which works from within to lighten the skin and the dark spots.

The advanced formulation has been designed with a combination of special micro absorbers that absorb away the excess oil and sweat, leaving your skin feeling fresh.
This new advanced cream now gives
Oil Control.
Sweat control.
Sun protection.
Dark spot reduction.
Long lasting fairness.
Apply on face and neck twice daily after cleansing for faster glowing fairness. Regular usage recommended for best results.

Manufacturer: EMAMI LIMITED
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