Garnier Gentle Face Wash 100 Gm

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  • Keeps your skin moisturized to ward off dry and scaly textures.
  • Garnier products contain no harmful chemicals, but only natural fruit essences that keep your skin cleansed and nourished, as well as protected against free radicals.
  • Energy Change Brightening Moisturiser.
  • Discard blackheads and enlarged pores.
  • Net Quantity: 100ml.

Garniers Gentle Soothing Face Wash is a gentle face wash, yet effective wash, suited for all skin types.
Use this product to remove impurities, nourish your skin and keep it soft, supple and youthful.


Garnier uses amazing fruit extracts that are packaged in a way so that none of the nutrients are lost. This means your skin is getting all natures wonders in a convenient 100g wash.

Say goodbye to blackheads and enlarged pores when you take on a daily facial wash regime. Use this Garnier product as the primary ingredient.

In order to have a clear, supple and radiant complexion, it is of the utmost importance to give your skin all the nutrients it needs to be its best.

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