Genvol Plus Capsule 10s
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  • Effective in opening blocked nasal cavity caused due to cold and flu which fill mucus in the passage causing nasal obstruction
  • Helps clear sore throat and relieves from cough, heartburns and shortness of breath
  • Aids in relief from runny or stuffy nose, congestion, sneezing, fever and light body or headaches
  • Useful inpreventing asthma attacks and aids in treating muscle strains, back pain and itching
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Genvol Plus Capsule 10s

Genvol Plus Capsule is primarily used for opening blocked nasal passages. It helps with the common cold, cold sores, airway mucus hypersecretion and asthma. Muscle strains or sprains, back pain and itching can also be healed using this remedy.

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Genvol Plus Capsule 10s
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