Glyseb Soap 75Gm

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Glyseb Soap 75mg is an effective Soap made primarily to treat irritated skin. It helps to soothe and dry the skin thereby getting rid of irritation.Key Ingredients• Contains Glycerin which removes itching.• Emollients wax content• MoisturizerKey Features• Prevents loss of moisture by providing a protective wax layer to trap moisture.• Soothes irritated skin and also helps overcome skin dryness.• Keeps the skin supple moist and hydrated.• Suitable for people with sensitive skin.• Contains Natural Ingredients which are human skin friendly.Directions of Use• Make sure you use warm water for bathing.• Use Glyseb Soap and spread the foam.• Rinse well and wash.• In an order to get the most effective results use Glyseb Soap 75gm Daily.
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