Holland & Barrett Cod Liver Oil 1000mg 240 Capsules

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  • Each capsule contains 1000mg cod liver oil & 800µg vitamin A & 5µg vitamin D
  •  It has the ability to reduce the formation of blood clots 
  • It also lower the levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure. 
  • It also help in relieving the pain and stiffness
  • Cod liver oil & vitamin A & D help to maintain a healthy immune system
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Save ₹239.50
10% OFF
Holland & Barrett's Pure CodLiver Oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids and provides an excellent source ofvitamins A and D.
  • Both Vitamins A and D contribute to the normalfunction of the immune system
  • Vitamin A also contributes to themaintenance of normal skin, whilst Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance ofnormal bones and muscle function.
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