Holland & Barrett Garlic Oil With Allicin 2000mg 250 Capsules

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  • Garlic oil capsules is helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • It has an anti-coagulant action i.e it prevents clotting of the blood
  • It may help to reduce cholesterol levels
  • It reduce symptoms of candida, thrush and athletes foot.
  • It help to prevent from catching colds, the flu and common infections.
  • It will be useful for people suffering from sinusitis or bronchitis.
  • It provides relief who suffer with seasonal ailments such as hay fever.
    Save ₹597.50
    50% OFF
    • Supports heart health
    • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    • Rapid release softgel capsules

    Holland & Barrett Garlic oil with Allicin capsules contain 4000mg odourless garlic and is standardised to contain 3.6mg of Allicin.

    Garlic contributes to the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and supports heart health.

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