IN2 Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate 1.2kg
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  • Rich chocolate flavour Mass gainer.
  • One serving provides 1297 kilo calories,57grams protein and 225grams carbohydrates.
  • 20.4 grams of fiber.
  • Building of muscle mass and muscle size.
  • Blend 3 heaping scoops(300grams) with water or milk or any juice.
  • 4 servings per container.
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IN2 Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate 1.2kg
  • Tasty Rich chocolate flavour of 1.2kgs.An ideal quality Mass Gainer to meet calorie basis and muscle-building goals.Per serving 1297 kilo calories.Mix of whey protein and Isolate.The protein powder designed with proteins & carbohydrates like Oats flour and Quinoa flour.20.4 grams of Fiber.
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IN2 Mass Gainer Rich Chocolate 1.2kg
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