Johnson's Baby Milk Cream 50g

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  • Johnsons Baby Milk cream is enriched with natural milk extracts and loaded with essential Vitamins.
  • Baby Nutrients help in replenishing moisture thus offering a 24 hour protection to your baby.
  • Enriched with emollients and added moisturisers They help in preventing skin dryness.
  • Net Quantity of Baby Milk Cream: 50 grams.

Johnsons Baby Milk Cream is enriched with natural milk extracts. It is also loaded with Vitamins A E leaving the skin feeling baby soft.

The baby milk provides exquisite double nourishment which helps to replenish the moisture. This leaves the skin of the baby, soft and moist.

Johnsons Baby Milk cream is the ideal choice for your baby in providing a gentle, soft and supple skin.

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