Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes 80s

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Johnson's baby Skincare Wipes is the gentle way to clean your baby. We love babies and we understand water alone cannot provide sufficient cleansing. Besides, harsh cloth and soap can be quite harmful to the baby’s skin barrier as well. That’s exactly why we have created Johnson’s baby Skincare Wipes.Salient Features: -• It’s gentler and milder than water, yet cleans better and far more efficiently than water.• What’s more, it even contains baby lotion, because soft, gentle baby skin needs cleansing that’s just as soft and gentle.• It also helps soothe skin by removing flakiness of dry and cracked skin.• A dry bum ensures your baby stays happy and playful exploring the world around her helping her senses get stimulated which is critical for your baby’s happy and healthy development.• Moms trust Johnson's Always mild, gentle and effective""
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