Johnsons Baby Tooth Brush

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  • Very light and easily manageable with its broad holding area for the ease of the mothers.
  • The brush can be used for babies between 1 to 5 years of age that is once the kid is old enough to hold the brush or has at least grown a few teeth.
  • The brush has a flexible neck to ensure swift and easy movement of the brush inside the babys mouth.
  • The flexible head helps during those times when the child refuses to open his or her mouth properly.
  • It also has a special thumb groove to ensure that the brush doesnt slip out of the hand.
  • Moms trust Johnson's - always mild, gentle and effective.

Johnson's Baby Toothbrush is the gentle way to clean your babys gums. We love babies and we understand how fragile the gums of a baby are. The Johnsons Baby Toothbrush has been designed keeping in mind the fragile gums of a little baby.

It is made with ultra-soft tynex bristles to suit the delicate gums of babies.

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