Khadi Fruit Vinegar Herbal Shampoo 210ml

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  • It restores shine gloss to dull lifeless hair.
  • It will also clear tone the scalp preventing infections build up of excessive sebaceous secretion.
  • Fruit Vinegars help to tangle hair making them soft preventing breakage during combing.
  • Khadi Fruit Vinegar shampoo leaves the scalp clean prevents infection.

Khadi Fruit Vinegar Herbal Shampoo is the solution for oily hair. It adds shine and can ward off dandruff. Herbal vinegar does make excellent hair rinses. It is rich in minerals including calcium and potassium as well as folic acids.
It effectively and gently restores the skins protective acid mantle. It also has antiseptic properties. Fruit Vinegars are natural cleaners and they tone up hair roots.
Oil of Jojoba is giving the hair a silky glow. It is a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant; it aids as well in deep cleansing and conditioning.

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