Mamypoko Pants Pant Style Diapers New Born Extra Small 10S

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Soft Elastic No Tapes - These pant style diapers can be worn easily by just pulling up and its soft elastic is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin.Salient Features: -• Soft Leg Gathers - Its soft leg gathers firs comfortably on your baby and prevents leakage that can cause rashes on your baby.• Maxi Absorbent Core - Soaks the wetness and keeps your baby dry.Directions of Use: -• Lift the baby’s left leg and pull the diaper over it• Hold the baby’s right leg and pull the diaper over it• And just pull up• To remove, tear off both sides and just pull the diaper downProduct Specifications: -• Brand – MamyPoko• Product Type - Pant Style Diapers• Size - Extra Small• Weight - 3 to 5 Kg• Items Included In Pack• 1 Pant Style Diaper""
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