Mamypoko Pants Diapers XXXl 7S

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Many kids require special comfort and care during their growing years. With MamyPoko Pants XXXL size, let your child's precious sleep be undisturbed and comfortable. With XXXL, get tension free as it is specially designed to meet your growing child's needs.From the ManufacturerExtra Comfort for Grown-up BabiesLet your child have a comfortable and peaceful sleep with the Mamy Poko Pants XXXL diaper. Made from soft, breathable materials, the Mamy Poko pant style diaper XXXL is perfect for keeping your child fresh and relaxed at all times. Your child will experience dryness and comfort for a longer period of time, thanks to the Maxi-absorbent core that quickly absorbs up to six glasses of water at a time. Mamy Poko Pants pant style diaper provides ultimate comfort and care to your child's skin, protecting it from rashes or irritation.Easy to Fit Pant-style DiaperHaving an elastic waist band all around, the Mamy Poko Pants diaper allows your child to move freely and comfortably. This Mamy Poko pant style XXXL diaper 7 counts is recommended for children weighing 18 to 35 kg. Designed in the shape of a pant, wearing this Mamy Poko XXXL diaper is very easy; you can just pull it up like a pant and easily remove by tearing off the sides. The diaper is leak proof and can be used for both genders.Product Specification: -• Brand: Mamy Poko• Size: XXXL• Weight: 18 to 35 kg• Count: 7 count• Pan- style diapers, Soft Leg gather• Made of soft, breathable material• Maxi-absorbent core absorbs up to 6 glasses of water• Comfortable fit with elastic waist band all around""
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