Mamypoko Pants Standard Diapers Extra Large 28's

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It is very essential to choose the right style of diaper for your growing kid. Pant Style Diapers make your child feel relaxed and comfortable. With MamyPoko Pants Standard Pant Style Diapers now your child can walk and run around comfortably without any hesitation of wearing diaper! Now you and your child can experience happier days at home as well as happier outings!Salient Features: -• Soft Elastic, No Tapes - It is easy to fit and gentle on skin. Its breathable material keeps the baby fresh and comfortable• Soft Leg Gathers - Fits comfortably and prevents leakage• All-round soft elastic with pores• Offers upto 10 Hours absorption• Comfortably fits the body and helps the air pass easily• Maxi-absorbent core• A dry baby is a comfortable baby• Good fit in any position• XL Diapers – 28 Units""
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