Mamypoko Pants For New Born Extra Small 20's

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It is very essential to choose the right style of diaper for your new baby. Pant Style Diapers make your child feel relaxed and comfortable. With MamyPoko Pants Style Diapers now your child can walk and crawl around comfortably without any hesitation of wearing diaper! Now you and your child can experience happier days at home as well as happier outings!Salient Features: -• Soft Elastic No tapes• Soft leg gathers• Ideal for babies with weight of Newborn to 5 Kg• Soft Elastic No Tapes - These pant style diapers can be worn easily by just pulling up And its soft elastic is gentle on your baby's sensitive skin• Soft Leg Gathers - Its soft leg gathers firs comfortably on your babyAnd prevents leakage that can cause rashes on your baby• Maxi Absorbent Core - Soaks the wetness and keep your baby dry• XS (Xtra Small Size) – 20 Units""
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