Mediker Natural Hair Oil 50Ml

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  • Mediker anti lice treatment has transformed lice removal into a painless activity,
  • Mediker contains actives such as neem, camphor and sitaphal extracts.
  • It contains coconut oil, in addition to neem and camphor.
  • Mediker has been clinically tested and proven to be completely safe to use with no side effects.

Mediker Natural Hair Oil Coconut Based Anti Lice Oil specially formulated to chase away lices painlessly forever. This anti-lice oil is formulated to clear lice completely Mediker Anti-Lice Treatment has helped transform lice removal into a painless activity.

It truly introduced the wash-off format in the place of the traditional painful lice comb. The oil with actives such as neem, camphor, coconut and sitaphal.

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