Mee Mee Forehead Thermometer Mm-004

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Safe Way to Measure Your Babys Temperature : Parents will always be concerned about the health and safety of their child. Recognizing these concerns Mee Mee has come up with a forehead thermometer so safe that you can now measure accurate temperature within seconds. Mee Mee forehead thermometer is a reliable tool that puts your childs safety above everything else. It records your babys body temperature easily and safely. Made from non-toxic material its specially designed to maintain highest safety standards for babies. This efficient thermometer measures temperature in as less as 15 seconds. You can use it as soon as your baby is born - it is so safe. Easy-to-Use Thermometer : This Mee Mee thermometer is not intended to be a replacement of the normal thermometer. It does an external temperature check effectively. You simply have to hold it against your little ones forehead. The distinct sensor bars change colour as per the temperature. Each bar indicates a specific level. The one which turns green is the one that indicates the temperature. This forehead baby thermometer can be used even when your kid is sleeping. The translucent plastic case is very handy and easy to carry. It has a flexible strip that can be used on the forehead and no batteries are required. You can use a damp cloth to clean it. Measures body temperature accurately Quick and easy to use Made of non-toxic materials Measures temperature in 15 seconds Flexible strip No batteries required Can even be used immediately after a child is born External temperature check Distinct sensor bars Translucent plastic case."
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