Moov Ointment 25G

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  • Effective Pain Relief Specialist with 100% ayurvedic preparation.
  • Quick relief from muscle pain, backache, neck pain and inflammation.
  • Newly fortified 4 active ingredients formula which helps to relive pain quickly and relax your muscles.
  • Net Weight: 25 grams
  • Can be carried along anywhere and can be easily applied.

Moov Ointment is the ultimate solution to modern lifestyle problems. You might be dealing with innumerable pains due to the demanding lifestyle activities. Wrong sitting posture, heavy lifting tasks and household chores might be a few causes of pains and body problems.

The solution? Moov Ointment!

The best in class when it comes to treating joint pains and problems, Moov is fortified with the power of Nilgiri Oil. Moov penetrates deep inside produces warmth and helps you recover fast.

Moov is 100% natural Ayurvedic preparation.

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