Mosaway Mosquito Patch 12S

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  • It contains natural oils extract that keep mosquitoes away.
  • It doesnot contain deet and harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to use and carry everywhere.
  • Protects for 12hrs.

Mosaway Patches are mobile mosquito repellent. These patches are infused with safe and effective mosquito repelling Citronella Oil. Mosaway Patches form a protective shield around you and repel mosquito even before they land, and unlike sprays or lotions, the patch is not messy. Stick it anywhere! The Mosaway Patch can be safely applied to clothing, furniture, picnic tables, baby strollers, restrooms and anywhere else where you don't want mosquitoes.

This patch is great for all outdoor events, parties/wedding, sporting events, picnics or simply when you are on the move!

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