MuscleBlaze Choco Delight Hi- Protein Bar 100g

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The new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar 30g is the new go-to gluten-free protein reservoir that gives 30g of protein per serving. This bar contains 5.6g of BCAA and 5.9g Glutamic acid for higher endurance quick muscle recovery and post-workout fatigue prevention. With 27 essential minerals and vitamins this bar strengthens your immunity and contains No Added Sugar for a guilt-free munching anytime and anywhere. Available in delectable Choco-Delight flavor the new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar is an ideal snack replacement as it contains 13g of carbs to satiate your stubborn hunger pangs.
This snack replacement bar from the house of Muscle Blaze provides 22g of pure protein to help you stick to your healthy eating goals. It contains 9.5g of carbs from healthy sources to satiate your hunger pangs between meals and post workout. This bar containing 5.5g of fibre per serving serves for better digestion and improved absorption of nutrients. Muscle Blaze Protein Bar is available in scrumptious Choco-Delight flavor to soothe your palate and contains no Added Sugar. With the goodness of 27 essential vitamins and minerals to fight free radicals and boost your immunity.
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