Myoxy Oxygen I.P Disposable Cans
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  • Instantly increases oxygen levels in the body
  • Restores brain and body functions to normal 
  • Useful in breathlessness due to high altitudes, pollution, smoking, stale air, poor ventilation
  • Specially useful for people with respiratory disorders
  • Strengthens immunity 
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Myoxy Oxygen I.P Disposable Cans

MyOxy Oxygen Can is the first and only OXYGEN I.P. in disposable can in India approved by FDA. It contains Oxygen I.P. 5.9 Liters at 1200 kPa in seamless aluminum disposable cans with inbuilt mask. It helps in Breathlessness due to stale and polluted air. It improves the functioning of lungs in polluted air. It alleviates tiredness by increasing Oxygen level in the body. It is light weighted and safe to use.

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Myoxy Oxygen I.P Disposable Cans
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