Nestle Cerelac Wheat Honey Dates Stage2 10M+ 300G

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  • Wheat Honey flavoured baby cereal suitable for Stage 2 Baby Nutrition.
  • Fortified with the goodness of Iron to meet the nutritional needs of your baby.
  • Contains the goodness of 18+ important nutrients for your baby's good health.
  • Best suited for babies of the age 8+ months.
  • Net Quantity: 300 grams

Nestle Cerelac Wheat Honey is a complementary food for babies when breast milk alone can no longer totally cover the babys growing nutritional requirements. Each serve of cerelac provides the goodness of cereal with 18 important nutrients.


Cereal Milk provides the combined benefit of cerelac and milk. The feed size may be varied on the advice of your paediatrician. After 6 months, In addition to milk and cereal feeds, It is also appropriate to give your baby other foods like vegetables, Fruits etc.


  • Flavour: Wheat Honey
  • Best Suited For: Stage 2

Note: -

  1. Mothers milk is the best for your baby.
  2. This is no substitute to Mothers Milk.
  3. Feeding must be done on the advice of your paediatrician.
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