Nestle Lactogen Stage 4 After 18 Up To 24 Months 400G

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  • Can feed the baby Upto 0-6 Months.
  • Shake/mix to dissolve powder.
  • A spray dried Infant Formula for infants from birth when they are not breastfed.
  • Important notice: mother's milk is best for your baby.

Nestle Lactogen Stage 4 contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins. It provides more than 50% of your toddlers RDA for important nutrients like calcium, protein iron. Two serves of Nestle Lactogen 4 provide around 30% of energy requirement of your toddler. Supports healthy growth development.

Preparation of Feeds : Wash your hands before preparing baby's formula. Wash bottle, teat, stopper and cap thoroughly until no milk remains. Boil for five minutes. Leave covered until use. Boil drinking water for five minutes; allow to cool. Consult feeding table,pour exact amount of lukewarm water into sterilized bottle. Only use scoop provided. Consult feeding table, add exact number of level scoops for age of baby. Lactogen 4 is a spray dried infant formula for healthy infants from birth when they are not breastfed Lactogen 4 has been formulated to provide baby with nutrients considered essential for optimal growth and development.

Specifications:Brand - LactogenType - 4 Follow-up Infant FormulaNet Contents - 400 gm, Age - 18 to 24 Months.

Note: Breast milk is the best for babies.

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