One Touch Select System Kit

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  • High-low colour and audio alerts for notifications.
  • You are alerted when Blood Glucose levels are extremely high or low.
  • Accurate readings and easy to use.
  • ISO 15197:200316 certified.

One Touch Select System Kit is an easy to use blood sugar monitoring system. It allows your doctor to customize your action plan empowering you to better understand what corrective steps to undertake, when alerted of extremely high or low blood glucose levels.

So you can address hypo- and hyper-glycemic episodes immediately, based on your doctor's advice. The select system kit consistently provides accurate results.

It is also ISO 15197:200316 certified and there isnt any coding, setup or buttons required.


  • Just insert the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds.
  • Easy to use and can be used at home.
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