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OZiva Immunity Multi Fizzy Drink, 6 Sachets (6x4 gm)



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Essential vitamins & minerals are crucial for the development of immune cells that strengthen the body’s immune response to fight against infections.Immunity Multi Fizzy Drink Mix is a healthy and fun way of consuming your daily nutritional requirement.

Uses of OZiva Immunity Multi Fizzy Drink, 6 Sachets (6x4 gm)


Key Benefits

  • Strengthens immunity with this potent mix of natural multivitamin and multimineral blend that includes Vitamin C, D, folic acid, and zinc.
  • Antioxidant properties of Immunity Multi Fizzy help protect healthy cells, support growth and activity of immune cells, and produce antibodies.
  • Supports both innate and adaptive immunity responsible for immune defense against pathogens with plant-based Vitamin C from acerola cherry.
  • Protects the body against infections with plant-based Vitamin D that supports the creation of antibodies and inhibition of external bodies like bacteria and viruses.
  • Helps kill intracellular pathogens with folic acid.
  • Helps stimulate particular immune cells like neutrophils and NK (Natural Killer) cells, also known as lymphocytes, which are essential to fight off invading bacteria and viruses that cause infection, with plant-based zinc.
  • Available in delicious orange flavor specially designed to build a healthy immune system in the body.

Key Ingredients

Acerola Cherry (Vit. C), Lichen (Vit.D), Lemon Peel (Folic Acid), Guava Leaf (Zinc).

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6 Sachets in 1 Pack