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Pee Safe Lavender Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, 75 ml


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Unhygienic conditions are a major cause of concern for all. These conditions are not only present in your room or kitchen, but also in your washrooms. Public restrooms of schools, offices, malls or restaurants can pose a threat of toilet borne diseases that can be harmful. With an aim to provide clean and safe urinal experience, Pee Safe’s Toilet Seat Sanitizer is here to the rescue.

Pee Safe’s Toilet Seat Sanitizer not only sanitizes the toilet seat but also fights with the foul odour present in the washroom. The toilet seat sanitizer protects you from germs and bacteria which are breeding on your toilet seat. Within a few seconds of spraying, the sanitizer works like magic by killing all the bacteria, germs and infection present on the surface, leaving behind only clean and sanitized seat. The toilet seat sanitizer comes packed with the quirky lavender fragrance for a odour-less experience as well. The product is dermatologically tested ensuring that it is safe for all skin types.

Key Benefits

  • The Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer disinfects the toilet seat and protects you from the germs lurking around it. 
  • The long lasting and uplifting fragrance of lavender makes sure you don’t have to survive the torture of dirty and stinky washroom anymore. Be it home, restaurant or any public washroom, just spray Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer on your toilet seat, wait for few seconds and you are ready to use the seat that is sanitized and clean. 
  • It reduces the risk of UTI and other infections. Also, can be used on other surfaces such as flush knobs, taps and toilet door handles. 
  • The spray comes handy and in different sizes. It fits into even smallest of your bags. This spray takes all your washroom horrors away.

Directions for Use

  • Shake the bottle.
  • Spray on the surface from a distance of 25cms. 
  • Wait for 10 seconds for the spray to evaporate.
  • After 10 seconds, the surface is sanitized and can be brought to use.



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75 ml Spray in 1 Bottle