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Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask For Kids, 1 Count


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A composite anti-pollution mask which has an active respo layer and advanced protection technology, which offers protection against PM2.5 particulates and toxic gases

Uses of Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask For Kids, 1 Count

Virus Protection/Pollution Protection

Key Benefits

  • Size of the mask is suited for kids
  • Reusable mask (unless soiled, damaged or indicator is dissolved)
  • Contains a NO2 level indicator
  • Filters more than 98% of PM2.5 particulates
  • Neutralizes 90% toxic gases

Directions for Use

Wearing the Mask

  1. Hold the mask by the ear loops and place the loop around each ear
  2. Make sure your mask is up to your nose level and fits your face perfectly leaving no gaps
  3. Make sure the mask covers your mouth and chin too

Removing the Mask

  1. Remove the mask only by lifting the ear loops
  2. Do not remove the mask by touching the front side of the mask
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water

Safety Information

  • Wash the mask after everyday use (handwashing gently preferred)
  • Do not share mask with any individuals
  • Always wash your hands before wearing the mask and after removing the mask
  • Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight

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1 Face Mask in 1 Pack