Pampers Active Baby Large 50s

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  • Stretchable Diapers offering utmost comfort to baby.
  • Comes with a flexy and cushiony technology.
  • Large sized diapers containing 50 units.
  • Offers protection for one night keeping the babys skin dry.

Pampers Active Baby Diapers are none like the traditional diapers. Think about a diaper that flexes to fit your baby where it needs the most. A diaper that stretches offering the perfectly comfortable fit your baby could ask for.

Pampers with a new and advanced technology has come up with Active Baby Diapers that help in offering the utmost comfort to your baby. The diaper is made of cushiony material with top notch breathability.

The layers of the diaper offers a stretchy fit and also prevents rashes on your babys sensitive skin. This is the most advanced and completely featured Diapers that you could provide your baby.

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