Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large 68's

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This Cottony Comfort pants is easy to Use. Designed with the purpose to keep your babys skin dry and let the skin breathe easy. Pampers Diaper pants contain an outer layer of cotton-like softness, this baby diaper provides intense care to your baby's sensitive skin and protects it effectively from friction rash and redness.

Pampers have come up featuring a pant style design, these diapers are easy to put on your baby and change. This comes as a great help to mothers and allows your little one to find it interesting too! There are colourful cartoon picture in the front which are carefully designed for your child. Not only will these baby diapers offer complete protection and care but also, they will ensure that your child keeps smiling and stay comfortable.

A touch of Gentle Care and Nourishment for Your Little One
Pampers diaper pants is designed to make your baby will laugh and play in comfort. This diaper is infused with baby lotion which moisturizes and nourishes your baby's skin. The moisturising effect also helps protect your child from rashes and skin irritation problems. Magic gel layer is a new technology which helps these baby diaper pants effectively absorb up to 6 glasses of fluid from the surface of the diaper thereby protecting your baby's delicate skin.

Pampers Baby dry pants offers up to 12 hours of dryness protection and thus you are free from the trouble of changing your babys diapers in the nights.

Salient Features: -
The no. 1 driest pants
Comfortable fit with flexible waistband
Up to 12 hours of dryness with pampers magic gel technology
Keeps baby skin fresh with breathable soft belt and cuffs
Faster absorption with larger absorbency zone inside diapers
Large size pants with 68 units
Special baby lotion offers exclusive skin protection
New improved design with fun colors and shapes

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