Pampers Baby Dry Pants Small 86's

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  • 3 Extra Absorb Channels: Distribute wetness evenly.
  • Top Dry Layer: Absorbs wetness and locks it away
  • Breathable Materials: 1 Million micro pores help baby skin breath easily
  • S-Curve Design: Follows babys movement to protect from friction
  • Wetness Indicator on the diaper: Turns yellow to blue indicating when its time to change the diaper.
Save ₹250.00
24% OFF

Pampers Baby Dry Pants are premium care diapers which are here to offer your baby the best skin protection. The diapers are made up of silky smooth materials and the diapers are of high quality.

With 3 channels for absorbing that distributes wetness in a smart way, the baby diapers help in making the job much easier.

Size Small
No. of Diapers 86
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