Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Large 18s

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  • Disposable diapers provides up to 10 hours superior dryness.
  • Absorbs up to 6 wettings and helps to keep babys skin dry.
  • Large Sized Diapers containing 18 pads in the pack.
  • Two Advanced Technologies with Magic Gel and Larger Absorbency Zone.

Pampers Disposable Baby Dry Diapers keeps your babys skin dry. It provides adequate airflow and is made of soft cushiony material to provide utmost care to your babys skin.

The Pants come with a larger absorbency zone coupled with a Magic Gel which keeps your baby skin dry up to 12 hours.


If you are looking to purchase the best for your babys soft and sensitive skin, look no further! With an outer layer of cotton-like softness, this baby diaper provides intense care to your baby's sensitive skin and protects it effectively from friction rash and redness.

Go for this it to see your baby laugh and play comfortably wearing Pampers.

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