Pantene Pro-v Lively Clean Shampoo 180ml

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  • Cleanses hair and locks in moisture to keep hair looking healthy and shiny.
  • Repairs hair damage and protects against future damage.
  • Prevents split ends from forming.
  • Moisturises hair deeply for a smoother and more manageable feel Pantene system.
Save ₹15.00
13% OFF

Pantene Pro-v Lively Clean Shampoo, hair gets Stronger Inside, Shinier Outside. Scalp oils, sweat, dirt and yesterdays styling products weigh the hair down, making it dull and lifeless. Remove daily impurities to give fine hair a clean slate and revitalize it for that fresh, lively bounce.

Thoroughly cleanses away dirt and residue. Revitalises dull and lifeless appearance. Hair feels fresh and weightless with regular Pantene system use vs non conditioning shampoo based on test results under laboratory conditions

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