Pediasure Vanilla Delight Rtd 200ml

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Carbohydrates: Provides energy Protein: helps support muscle development Calcium vitamin D Phosphorus Magnesium Vitamin K: supports bone development B complex vitamins: supports energy metabolism Contains Milk Protein which provides all essential amino acids
PediaSureNutrishake helps make for an exciting breakfast supplement as well complimenting an incomplete breakfast for kids who are fussy eating & always on the go. You can also add PediaSure Nutrishake to your child’s lunchbox so that you need not worry about his unfinished lunches anymore. Neuronutrients to help support Brain development • Iron is an important component of Hemoglobin which helps supply oxygen to brain and also helps myelin sheath formation. This is important for optimal brain development & function • It also contains Vitamin B12 Folic Acid Iodine Choline & Taurine which supports brain development Immunonutrients to help support Immunity • Vitamin C E Zinc and selenium: These are known “Antioxidants” to fight against free radicals • Also contains Copper to support Immunity
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