Pentasure HP Protein Powder Banana & Vanilla Flavor 400 gm

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Pentasure HP is enriched with immune-enhancing properties of amino acid L- Arginine and antioxident Alpha Lipoic Acid. Pentasure HP provides the right amount of quantity and quality of protein since Pentasure HP has a PDCCAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1. It is indicated for Post Surgery Convalescence, Chemotherapy, Burns, Cachexia and Acute Pancreatitis. It is a unique high protein formula with 43% whey protein. It is an exclusive whey protein formulation especially composed of various catabolic conditions. It is Sucrose free, Fructose- based therefore safe for diabetics. It is a low fat, fiber enriched formula with enriched with immune enhancing properties of antioxidant alpha lipoic Acid.
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