Pigeon Cotton Swabs 100 Pcs 200 Tips

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An adhesive swab you can use for babies as young as newborns. The adhesive on the pink end lets you easily clean out their ears and nose. The white end is plain cotton without adhesive. 100% cotton balls and a thin, easy-to-hold stick. Each comes individually wrapped.?Tested against skin allergies. (However, some people may still experience allergic reactions.)?Instructions: * Pink end is treated with adhesive. Insert into ear and clean with a light pressing motion or rolling motion. Do not rub. *White end can be used after cleaning with pink end. *If the pink end becomes damp it loses its effectiveness. If cleaning ears after a bath etc., first absorb water with the white end, then clean with the adhesive pink end. *For reasons of hygiene, use with clean hands only. *void touching cotton balls. *Do not insert too deeply. May cause injury.?Do not let child use.?In the unlikely event that an adverse reaction occurs, cease use and consult your doctor"
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