Pigeon Nose Cleaner

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Pigeon the well known baby and mother care product manufacturer brings to you their new range of Nose cleaners for babies. This specially design soft nose cleaning tool enables you to clean the delicate mucus membrane of your baby. This nose cleaning tool for babies has a soft nozzle and rubber pump. The soft nozzle enables to a softy and proper cleaning of the nostrils without leaving any scratch marks in the delicate mucus membranes of your baby. On the other hand the rubber cap of this dropper type nose cleaner protects the nozzle from the dust or germs and makes it hygienic for your toddler. This nose cleaner is recommended for children between one to two years.The dropper shaped Pigeon Nose Cleaner Blister Pack for babies are very easy to use. To clean your babys nose hold your baby in arms and place in the nostrils and clean them mildly. During the cleaning you need not to compress the rubber pump when the nozzle is inside your babys nostril. If you want to use the rubber pump then you have an option to control the suction of the rubber pump.
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