Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple Plastic Bottle Small 120ml

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Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby especially during the first year after birth. In addition the time spent breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and baby. However where bottle feeding is necessary we recommend using the PIGEON Peristaltic Nipple to encourage babys natural tongue movement. The ultra soft silicone rubber with double thickness ensures ideal softness and elasticity so baby can latch on easily and comfortably. Also the shape fits perfectly with your babys tongue allowing smooth tongue movement while minimizing air intake. The nipples roomy base helps your baby open his mouth widely therebyテつ encouraging steady peristaltic motion. The streamlined shape makes it easy for mothers to hold and keep clean. Made of high quality durable polycarbonate plastic the wide neck opening makes preparation of formula milk for baby simple and effortless. Teat section has an accordion like portion that enables it to stretch in response to the peristaltic movement of the babys tongue. At PIGEON we believe that stretchability is the most important function of an artificial nipple in encouraging babys natural suckling. The nipples surface is very soft yet it does not collapse easily. Made from thick ultra soft silicone material the nipple has similar elasticity to that of a mothers actual breast. The dome like shape makes babys mouth open naturally supports its mouth softly and fits its lips gently. S is recommended for newborns up to three months old baby for slow flow.
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