Pigeon Steam Sterilizer

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  • Steam sterilizer which provides high quality sterilization to the bottles.
  • Can accommodate up to five standard size of wide neck bottles.
  • Nine-minute steam sterilization cycle effectively destroys bacteria.
  • Suitable for baby needs and nursing purposes.

The Pigeon Steam Sterilizer is designed to accommodate up to five standard size or PIGEON Wide-neck Bottles. The nine-minute steam sterilization cycle effectively destroys bacteria, without the need to use chemicals.


  1. Before use, open the lid to take out the Accessory Tray, Stand and Bottle Tray.
  2. Then, measure 70ml of clean water with milk bottle and pour into the Bottle Chamber.
  3. To sterilize bottles, first invert the bottles and place them onto the Bottle Tray.
  4. Then, lower the tray into the Bottle Chamber. To sterilize your accessories, such as nipples and pacifiers, place them onto the Accessory Tray. Close the lid completely. Depress the Power-On switch.
  5. The Light indicator will lit and the sterilizing process run for 9 minutes. Easy Maintenance Bottle Chamber can be detached from Heater for easy cleaning.
  6. It automatically switches off when sterilising cycle is complete. Sterilising time of 10 to 12 minutes


  1. Extract Lemon Juice into a mug.
  2. Pour into the steriliser without boiling.
  3. Leave to stay for 30 minutes.
  4. Use a soft cloth to remove remaining limesacle.
  5. Drain rinse steriliser with clean water.
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