Ponds Magic Talc 400G

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  • Helps you stay fresh keep skin soft smooth throughout the day.
  • Prevents body odour by absorbing sweat and fighting bacteria.
  • Soothes cools to give freshness in seconds.
  • Removes excess oil secretion on the face leading to an even tone skin.
  • Makes your face look brighter giving real glow in seconds.

Ponds Magic Talc powder is formulated to help you stay fresh and pleasant smelling all day. Mesmerize everyone with your sweet fragrance of acacia honey and this talc not only protects you against perspiration but also provides you instant fairness.

Ponds dream flower talc provides enhanced, irresistible fragrance which remains fresh and fragrant at all times. Induces instant freshness and a lingering aroma, leaving you feeling revived and confident all day long, powder is safe and gentle on all skin types.

Net Quantity: 400gm

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