Prosure Powder Orange Flavour Jar 400G
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Product Description
  • For dietary management of patients experiencing unintended weight loss
  • Fortified with EPA, Help promote weight gain and maintain lean body mass. 
  • Helps support immune response
  • Contains Blend of high quality protein. 
  • Helps Support anabolism and lean body mass.
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Prosure Powder Orange Flavour Jar 400G

Prosure EPA fortified nutrition with high energy and high protein


  • Provides complete nutrition
  • Balanced diet
  • Food for special dietary use/dietary management
  • For people fighting cancer
  • Rebuilds muscle mass with its quality protein ingredients
  • EPA in ProSure improves immunity
  • A rich source of antioxidants (especially Vitamin A and C)

Quantity: 400g

Flavour: Orange

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Prosure Powder Orange Flavour Jar 400G
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