Qnt Metapure Zero Carb Red Candy 1 Kg

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  • Delicious Red candy flavoured metapure zero carb.
  • Lactose and Aspartame free.
  • Designed for athletes for the growth of muscle mass.
  • 33 Servings per container.
  • Net Quantity: 1 Kg.

Metapure Zero Carb is composed of ultra filtered whey protein isolate and suits for all atheletes - Metapure Zero

Carb Red candy flavour is loaded with 91 grams protein,9.5 grams L-Leucine and 21 grams BCAA's.
Helps to build muscle, without adding any fat or carbohydrates to diet and easily digestible with a very low lactose content.


  1. Mix up red candy flavoured protein powder in water or Milk.
  2. Consume daily, preferably between meals, and most importantly, after exercise.
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