Respokare Anti Pollution Mask Small

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  • Contains Active respo layer.
  • Size of the Mask is Small.
  • Reusable mask unless soiled, damaged or indicator is dissolved.
  • Contains a NO2 Level indicator.
  • Filters more than 98% of PM2.5 particulates.
  • Neutralizes 90% Toxic Gases.
  • Suitable for adults who require a smaller size.
  • Customised size for best fit (Adults weighing 30-60 kgs).

This is a composite anti-pollution mask which has an active respo layer and advanced protection technology, it offers protection against PM2.5 particulates and toxic gases such as NO2. The mask comes with a pollution indicator which changes colour upon exposure to air pollution.

The mask neutralizes hazardous gases and pollutants, thereby protecting you from pollutants and other irritants whenever you go outside.

NO2 indicator system helps you identify the level of NO2 in the air which helps you avoid polluted areas.

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